Our learn resources are designed to aid professionals in delivering the curriculum in a way that is inclusive of learning differences.
There are three main areas covered by the learn resources:
- Numeracy
- Literacy and Phonics (in association with Phonics for SEN)
- Life Skills
Each of these areas is growing as we work to expand our offer to cover a greater range of topics and scenarios.
All resources include images of people from diverse backgrounds, reflecting differences in race, religion, gender identity, age, disability and other areas.

  • JFK Special School

    "We have just started using the Rainbow Readers with our students and they are delighted with them! They are so easy to follow, align perfectly with our personalised phonics teaching whilst also supporting comprehension with a wide range of SEND. A fabulous product - thank you to all the team."

  • Maria, SEN Teacher

    "Sensory, visual, playful. Honestly the most exciting numeracy packs I've ever seen. I love the link to the numeracy rhymes. Great to see diversity reflected in the pictures across all the resources."


The Numeracy packs offer a range of resources that can be used by teachers, teaching assistants and parents alike.

They are designed to encourage active engagement whilst at the same time developing a child’s understanding of core concepts such as values of number, addition, subtraction, number bonds and shapes patterns.

The activities are interesting, multisensory and fun, incorporating the use of coloured visuals with wipe clean surfaces.


Rainbow Literacy

Rainbow Literacy is a suite of resources that provide teaching and learning activities for children with moderate to severe and complex needs who are beginning their journey into literacy. The suite covers all aspects of reading, spelling and writing and includes a specialist resource for children who are pre- or nonverbal / non- speaking and one for children who need to work on spoken language structure (syntax). Each pack is filled with focused activities supported by delightfully illustrated and engaging resources. Meet Tat, the magic cat, Pat, the plumber and, of course, Sap, the world-famous snake detective!


Free Literacy Games

Rainbow Speakers - Who's who?

Here are some free games to work on the first question in the Rainbow Speakers, 'Who?'

Download here

Life Skills

The life skills packs are designed to help children and young people complete everyday tasks such as going to the toilet independently and exploring new situations.

The resources are made up of simple social stories supported by engaging visuals that gently guide the child.
We will be adding more social stories soon and also adding visual recipe cards to our range.



Phonics for SEN is a complete, systematic synthetic linguistic phonics programme published in seven books. Phonics for SEN enables pupils with a range of special educational needs to find reading and spelling success and is suitable for those with specific learning difficulties, autism, moderate and severe learning difficulties, developmental language disorder, communication needs and complex needs, including pre- and nonverbal pupils and those with significant physical disability.