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Discover Inclusion. See life through a different lens.

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The conference is aimed towards supporting educators to create inclusive learning environments, whether that is individual teachers or school leaders. Presentations are pre-recorded and available to watch at your own pace.

Hosted online in a private Facebook group this event features a wide range of presenters covering specific subject areas such as literacy and science as well as those focussing on a wider topic such as mental health or diversity. Many presenters also have first hand experience of the education system as a neurodivergent or disabled individal.

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Working in education, I noticed that many teachers, teaching assistants and other professionals were spending hours and hours creating resources to support the students they work with.
EHCPs often include long lists of resources that are associated with key strategies to support students to communicate, access the curriculum, learn and achieve. Many hours of after-school printing, cutting, trimming and laminating are involved in ensuring the students have everything they need to succeed. After lots of research, it became clear that there wasn't a company who supplied good quality, pre-made resources for the busy education professional and I decided something needed to be done about it.

From the outset, I wanted to create resources that represent us all. It is important that everyone is represented as taking an equal part in society no matter their race, religion, gender identity, age, disability or any other difference. This means all the people we see around us and ourselves! I wanted to ensure that every child is supported by resources that include images of people that look just like them.

Discover Inclusion was born.
The Discover Inclusion vision is to create a world where communication, learning and play resources are standardised, accessible and diverse. It is about helping teachers, teaching assistants and therapists reduce their workload by creating easy to use ready-made resources.
Discover Inclusion also aims to offer resources for parents, carers and families and to reduce the support gap to lower income families. The practical Discover Inclusion resources give them tools to support their child to learn and grow when an educational need, disability or disorder can feel overwhelming.

Kerry Thalia (she/they) - Founding Director

Kerry grew up in North Wales with a strong determination that one day she would be changing lives! Her enthusiasm for inclusion for all, along with her own neurodivergence, has driven her to set up Discover Inclusion.
Kerry has experience working in mainstream and alternative provisions with children with a range of needs. In fact, she has worked with children all over the world, from the Arctic Circle to Costa Rica.
She completed a level 6 diploma in teaching and learning, focussing on inclusion and diversity, and is now working on a Masters in Inclusion at the University of Birmingham.
Kerry is also responsible for drawing all the illustrations and designing all of the packs we create. In addition to being the creative force behind Discover Inclusion, she provides one to one advice and support by consultation.

  • Dr Sarah Moseley

    "My first impression of the resource packs was how engaging they were. Each pack provides structured activities which integrate all aspects of the teaching of reading, using the Reading Rope as a clear framework."

  • Hania and Jake, parents

    "In the most sensitive yet honest way, Kerry guided us to realise that our pre-verbal, autistic 4yr-old might be ready to toilet train. We were terrified! But what we feared was an impossible task, proved not only achievable, but also a genuinely positive and hugely rewarding chapter in our son’s development. Within a month, he is dry in the day, requesting the toilet and very much enjoying his agency in this new routine. Thank goodness Kerry had the skills to persuade us and support us to not delay, when our son was ready to progress. We’re so grateful."

  • Niamh, SENDCO

    "So excited our Rainbow Speakers have arrived! So useful to use for learners who need help in constructing sentences. This is going to have a huge impact on the children in our school and so excited to use it with them!"

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