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Complete Phonics for SEN Decodable Set

Complete Phonics for SEN Decodable Set

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Included: Hatchling, Fledgling, Dove, Swan, Owl, Eagle

Discover Inclusion prints and dispatches Phonics for SEN’s decodable readers. All books are printed on paper to be affordable.

There are six series of decodable reading books covering each point in the Phonics for SEN teaching sequence (all the sets, word structures and sounds). The books span Books 1 - 6 of the programme and take pupils from beginner readers through to reading complex connected text.

The engaging stories follow the adventures of a family - Mum, Dad, Dan and Mim and their naughty pets, Pat the dog and Tim the cat. In later books we meet Gran and Dan and Mim’s friends, Ravi and Nola, who join in the fun.

USA VERSIONS AVAILABLE - the USA versions will be sent as standard to any order from the USA unless specified otherwise. 

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