The play resources included in play provide opportunities for children to access a range of play activities and have lots of fun!
At the same time these resources aim to build social skills, fine and gross motor skills, engage the senses and more.
We also create packs to support popular interventions that have basis in play.

Check out our free-to-watch videos and sensory crafts.

Activity Packs

Our activity packs are visual aids for common interventions such as music and sensory circuits. These aim to help children access and understand the activities and offer them the chance to participate.


Sensory Activities

We are collecting recipes and activities that we have used and loved so that you can try them too, most of these ingredients can be found around your house or in a quick trip to the shop. There is a variety of activities focussing on both sensory and fine motor skills focussing on engaging in play, this can also enhance communication and learning.

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