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Rainbow Speakers - Foundation

Rainbow Speakers - Foundation

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The Rainbow Speakers Packs provide sets of structured, adult-led resources that work on developing a child’s spoken language, specifically the order of words in simple spoken sentences or syntax.

The focus of the work is a core activity called ‘Colourful Sentences’, in which pupils organise colour-coded picture cards, related to a question prompt, to make a sentence which they then say out loud.

In the Foundation Pack the pupil is taken step by step through simple spoken sentence construction using visual prompts and supports. Levels 1-4 work on basic sentence structure, levels 5-6 build on from this to enhance meaning by the introduction of descriptors and level 7 makes sure all little words are included.

Foundation Pack: Levels 1-7

Level 1    Who? (subject of the sentence - noun)
Level 2    What doing? (action - verb)
Level 3    What? (object of the sentence - noun)
Level 4    Where? (place)
Level 5    What like? (adjective)
Level 6    How? (adverb)
Level 7    Definite articles 'a' 'an' 'the'

                What next? (connective) 'and'


- Colourful sentences printed on sturdy 300gsm card

- Diverse and inclusive images

- Complete instruction booklet 

- Ready to build silly sentence cubes

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