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Rainbow Writers - Full Pack

Rainbow Writers - Full Pack

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Dive into the Rainbow Writers with the full package including all 7 books. Explore each of the stories in depth with the teacher text and then write it out using the sentence builder. Start with the activity that most suits your pupils and expand their writing ability with the adventures of Tat the Magic Cat.

The Rainbow Writers Packs provide sets of structured, adult led resources that work on developing a child’s writing, matched to the phonics they are working on in class. The focus of work is an engaging story for each set of sounds, about Tat, the magic cat! 

Pupils practice letter formation, spell and write single words, build and write simple sentences, write a scaffolded storyboard for the Tat story, write the narrative and make a book. 

Stories match to one of Sets 1-7 of the Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs programme (compatible with many other phonics programmes). The focus is on VC and CVC words at the basic code level (1 to 1 grapheme-phoneme correspondence).

- Cards printed on sturdy card

- Letter formation and spelling practice sheets laminated

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