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Rainbow Speakers - Progression

Rainbow Speakers - Progression

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The Rainbow Speakers Packs provide sets of structured, adult-led resources that work on developing a child’s spoken language, specifically the order of words in simple spoken sentences or syntax.

The focus of the work is a core activity called ‘Colourful Sentences’, in which pupils organise colour-coded picture cards, related to a question prompt, to make a sentence which they then say out loud.

In the Progression Pack the pupil builds on from the work of the Foundation Pack to produce sentences with greater complexity. The pupil works through levels 8 to 12 step by step using visual prompts and supports. Through the levels, key parts of speech are introduced, including the introduction of quantity, time, auxiliary verbs and the use of the past tense.

Progression Pack: Levels 8-12
Revised Question   Who? or What? (subject of the sentence - noun)
Header Cards         What? or Who? (object of the sentence - noun)

Level 8     Plurals
                 Auxiliary verb 'is' 'are'
                 How many? (quantity)
Level 9     Where is it? (preposition)
Level 10   Who(se) is it? (pronoun)
                  Auxiliary verb 'am'
Level 11   When? (time)
Level 12   Did what? (past tense)
                 Auxiliary verbs 'was' 'were'
                 What next? (connective) 'because'


- Colourful sentences printed on sturdy 300gsm card

- Diverse and inclusive images

- Complete instruction booklet 

- Ready to build silly sentence cubes

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