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Dove Decodable Readers Set 3

Dove Decodable Readers Set 3

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The Dove Books are decodable reading books for use alongside the Phonics for SEN and other systematic, synthetic phonics and linguistic phonics programmes.

The text in the books is carefully selected to reflect the sounds (and sound spellings) that pupils have worked on in class. They can use their developing decoding skills and increasing phonic knowledge to read the words with accuracy.

There are 9 books in the Dove series, covering the advanced code sounds: /sh/ /th/ /ng/ /ch/ /k/ (ck) /k//w/ (qu) /f/ (ff) /l/ (ll) /s/ (ss)

These correspond to the sounds and sound spellings covered in Book 3 of the Phonics for SEN programme.

USA VERSIONS AVAILABLE - the USA versions will be sent as standard to any order from the USA unless specified otherwise. 

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